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We bring books and ideas to life. ​
Editing, ghostwriting, proofreading, ePublishing.
Do you have a book, an idea,
a story to tell, a lesson to teach, an idea to market?
Let us help you become a great, published author.

     In this world there are two types of people. Those who dream and those who make dreams a reality. I am the former, but Kathryn Galán of Wynnpix Productions is the latter. When I decided to publish Blue Steel Crucifix, I had no idea what to do. On the advice of Bernie Palmatier, another author published by Kathryn, I took the chance and contacted her; and I am glad I did.

     She is a kind, intelligent, patient and wise person. She knows her business completely and brought my book to fruition. She timely answered every question I had about the publishing business and then some. Her keen eye edited the manuscript and burnished its words until they crackled with life. I am truly grateful for her services and highly recommend her to anyone who wants their words and story to be read.

 —S.R. Perricone, Blue Steel Crucifix

"You're in for a wonderful working experience if you choose Kathryn. I was new to ebooks and hired her as an editor/ proofreader for my new text. What I received was above and beyond all expectations."  ​

           — Josh Ubaldi,

      The Successful Actor's Guide

to Los Angeles

GymnaChef-Rev Ebook Cover-5-2019.jpg
Cognitive shift ebook cover-9-2019.jpg
Wealt Messenger-Ed 2-ebook cover-6-2019.
Attain Peak Running-ebook cover-1-2019.j
Make it Happen-ebook cover-2-2019.jpg
Spoken-Award Ebook Cover-9-2019.jpg
Business Books Aren't Funny-ebook cover-
Swimming Foundations ebook cover PS-8-20
In the Still of the Night-ebook cover-9-
Born Enough ebook cover-3-2019.jpg
My Life in Yankee Stadium-FINAL ebook co
Badass Mom-ebook cover.jpg
The Call to Rise-FINAL ebook cover-10-20
3 Leadership Journey-ebook final.jpg

"She scoured my book, offering thoughtful edits that preserved my unique voice while improving the rhythm and flow of my prose. She was nothing short of amazing."

                                 Louis Spirito

“I plan to work with Kathryn again and again. Her skills, dependability, and professionalism are superior. The experience couldn't have been better.”
             — Dr. Steve McVey, Grace Walk    

"What a find Kathryn was for us! She is not only friendly, professional and very responsive, but also knowledgeable and proficient with all things related to publishing. She acted as our coach on many issues and went above and beyond our expectations. Hire her if she show interest in your project.” 

                                 —Dr. Brian Scott 

Use Your Bad Habits



"Professional, courteous and highly talented."

                   — Carol Thompson


      “Kathryn took my good Kindle book and made it truly great. Her knowledge of layout, formatting and conversion were essential to finally giving me a book that looks as professional as I wanted it to.

     "Most of what she did, was a result of her own explanations and recommendations - I would not have even known to ask for these details and I'm so thrilled that she cared enough to propose them. Wow!”

 — JennyGrows,

Eat Like a Farm Girl

MMA-AJ ebook cover-8-2019.jpg
Guardian of theTrade - ebook cover-10-20


"Kathryn was an excellent choice for my ebook project. I needed someone to reformat my book, make it look good, and get it all set up on Amazon. Kathryn was excellent - friendly, knowledgeable, quick to answer questions, and very thorough in her work. I will absolutely be working with her agian on my next ebook project, and highly recommend her!"

                               —Miriam Henke

Gettting Started-Loo-Final ebook cover-8

“Ms. Galan is G-R-R-R-E-A-T! I did everything I could to drive her crazy and she maintained her upbeat, cheerful attitude and never once threatened to kill me. She word processed, proofread, added stuff, re-arranged stuff and made suggestions and calmed me when my “tech frustration level” maxed out."

         — Bernie Palmatier,

The Grunch Who Ate the Bottom Line

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