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      "You're in for a wonderful working experience if you choose Kathryn. I was new to ebooks, and hired her as a editor/proofreader for my new text. What I received was above and beyond all expectations. Friends of mine offered to work on my text with me, and my gut to work with seasoned editor Kathryn was validated from start to finish.

      "First, Kathryn has a wonderful respect for and facility with language. The careful tweaks and clarifications she made for my text were invaluable and extraordinarily clever. My biggest concern was the my personal voice would not be sacrificed to good language, and her suggestions were spot on and respectful of my voice overall. She was also gracious yet tenacious in supporting me to consistently choose the best language and grammar I could. I have great respect and value for this. My book is 100% improved for her input.

     "One of the greatest benefits was unexpected on the whole. She was vital in helping me prepare my ebook for epublication, asking all of the right questions that I was unprepared for, and led me into many great directions and clarifications in procedure. She went above and beyond, and my book was therefore ready for publication far sooner than if I had stumbled through this process on my on.

    "RUN, don't walk, to work with her. I've already recommended her to my growing list of friends who publish. A+, 5 stars.”

               — Josh Ubaldi, The Successful Actor's Guide Los Angeles             

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We are writers and editors who specialize in creating and shaping books for coaches, artists, travelers, memoirists, biographers, and experts.​

We have wide experience in the creative industries, dance, performance, history and cultural exploration, spiritual development, music and art​, film, entertainment, and  new media. We also copy edit, proofread, format, publish, and write books in health, wellness, spiritual studies, travel, tech, and business.

Feel free to ask for samples and links to your genre or area of interest!

     “Kathryn did an outstanding job for me. She is an active communicator and always had excellent suggestions for my ebook. Her pricing is very competitive and when you combine with her great attitude and great experience in formatting a book for Amazon, I was extremely pleased that I connected with her.”

                John Sherriff, Lucky & Good


     "I’d been a screenwriter, playwright and journalist for 25 years when I wrote my first book, a memoir, "GIMME SHELTER: A Damaged Pit Bull, an Angry Man and How They Saved Each Other." After weighing all of the options, I decided to self publish but was totally clueless about formatting, venues, photo insertion, cover design, and a zillion other details that left my head spinning. I checked several websites offering all sorts of editorial and design services, but that only left me more confused. I was set to scrap the whole business when Kathryn Galan stepped in.

     "A writer, editor, and former film executive, Kathryn had my manuscript formatted, designed, and ready for publication on’s KDP and CreateSpace site in a few short days. Even better, she scoured my book, offering thoughtful edits that preserved my unique voice while improving the rhythm and flow of my prose. She was nothing short of amazing. And if that weren’t enough, she steered me to a resource that designed a terrific cover at an unbelievably affordable price. All this and she’s affable and sweet, too.

     "I can’t say enough about Kathryn and her work. She made a daunting process look like child’s play. I can only lament that she wasn’t onboard for my past efforts. How much better they’d have been! When I do my next book, she’ll definitely be on board."

                             — Louis Spirito, GIMME SHELTER

    "Kathryn went beyond my expectations and didn't give up until I was completely satisfied. Communication was excellent and she's just wonderful to work with. Professional, courteous and highly talented. I will definitely hire Kathryn again. I can't wait to work with her on my next project. You can't go wrong!"

                        —Carol Thomson,

                         To Catch a Firefly,

                        Who Killed Carolee?


     In this world there are two types of people. Those who dream and those who make dreams a reality. I am the former, but Kathryn Galán of Wynnpix Productions is the latter. When I decided to publish Blue Steel Crucifix, I had no idea what to do. On the advice of Bernie Palmatier, another author published by Kathryn, I took the chance and contacted her; and I am glad I did.

     She is a kind, intelligent, patient and wise person. She knows her business completely and brought my book to fruition. She timely answered every question I had about the publishing business and then some. Her keen eye edited the manuscript and burnished its words until they crackled with life. I am truly grateful for her services and highly recommend her to anyone who wants their words and story to be read.

 —S.R. Perricone, Blue Steel Crucifix



    “Kathryn G has been an absolute star to deal with! Her industry experience has helped no end in re-writing, updating and jazzing up an eBook I have. The brief I initially posted was to create a step-by-step course for filmmakers out of an original eBook, Kathryn has delivered exactly that. Not only did she tidy up the work but has also drawn from her own experience to improve and build on the material.

     "I now have a much better product my members will enjoy reading as well as a great resource for them to refer back to time and again. She took the time to ask a lot of questions and then delivered a couple of drafts for me to check over and comment on before delivering the final product to me on time and within budget.

     "I would have no problem recommending her and her work to anyone looking to have content created, re-created or updated and improved. On a personal note I would like to thank Kathryn for her work and look forward to working with her again soon. ”

                        —Nigel Amyes

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