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  •     "Glace Harbor”--Exiled to Cape Breton Island, Isabelle tries to pick up the pieces of her life as her marriage dissolves. The sexy animal trainer who blows into town on a movie set eases her pain and lures her towards freedom.

  • ​​ "Whycocomaugh"--Drive. Drive from the pain. Drive to anyplace new. Driving to freedom lands Isabelle first at her friends' house in Colorado then on to a little rodeo town where the hot horse handler has an idea for her.​

  •  "Cuchabrana"--Spain. Isabelle's father's country, where she travels with him as she revisits the vows she made to marriage, and where she finds the way to finally let go.


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Kathryn's Writing

Kathryn Flynn Galán writes fiction and non-fiction. Her work is available online, and at Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, B&N/Nook, iTunes & Overdrive.

Her YA/MG teen skate novel ON THE MOVE was just published. It's the first in a trilogy, and she's writing the prequel, ON THE RIM. It is represented by Savvy Literary Agency.




      Mitsi may be a bedraggled single mother by day, but she comes alive in Latin dancing class. Quirky, handsome plumber Kerby notices her spark. But as their romance blooms, she struggles with her ex, and her unfulfilled dreams. When his past comes tumbling in between him, Kerby launches a charming seduction to woo Mitsi back to him, and to the dance floor.


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ON THE MOVE by K.V. Flynn

Kathryn's MG/YA novel

Now in eBook and Paperback on AMAZON


     Callum Vicente and his middle school skateboard buddies are spending the best summer together ever, grinding and doing tricks all day at their SoCal skate camp, PEAK. But when a major war breaks out, they’re stranded, and use their wits and resources, along with a secret network of skate parks and message boards, to travel miles to the north and reach their families in the Safe Camps—skating all the way!


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"This Room and Everything In It"


        Non-fiction essay, published in Cune Press' AN EAR TO THE GROUND.

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