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We offer a variety of ghostwriting and editing services.

We transcribe and edit masterclasses, podcasts, and presentations, then shape them into your Expert eBook. We copyedit fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. Samples available below. We offer an innovative interview process to help generate your eBook or publication, then guide you through the publishing and marketing process.​ We provide confidential ghostwriting on health, arts, and business topics, as well. Please contact us for specific samples.

Services available on manuscripts from rough draft to nearly ready for launch. Is it time to put your book, ideas, class, tutorial, or wisdom out to a waiting audience? Contact us for an evaluation of your project!​

     "I have been singing the praises of this lady ever since I engaged her to edit my book on But me singing is not going to get Kathryn’s reputation enhanced. I need to write it down.

     As my book was all about the film industry (My POV- getting ahead in the film industry), I was looking for someone with experience in that field. To be honest, it wouldn’t matter what your genre was. Kathryn would be the consummate professional in any field.

     And I can say that from the moment we started working together I knew I was onto a winner. Kathryn possessed wonderful, natural writing skills; unlike me, who had lots of pointers and loose ideas but needed her deft touch to make it all make sense. She guided where needed, suggesting another angle where appropriate, and most importantly, kept me positive.

     Her knowledge of the technical side of publishing was awe-inspiring. Kathryn knew it all, yet maintained a great mentoring friendship throughout the whole process.

     If you are looking for an editor who offers you professional guidance, gives you a strong sense of self-belief, while surrounding you with an utterly positive frame of mind, Kathryn F. Galán is for you.

    The last words of my book? Kathryn Galán, take a bow.

     Hire her.

     Engage her.

     You won’t be disappointed."

Ross Tinney, MY

Book Cover_v2_Final.jpg

Editor for Genevra Thorne, fantasy romance. View sample on

Copyedit and proof; created ePub and paperback format for publishing. Click to preview at

Editing and Publishing services for eBook and print on!

Editing and ePublishing sample. Click through to peek inside.

Editor, humor non-fiction, published through Mill Park Publishing.

Check it out on Amazon

Editor, Supernatural Thriller, published through Forsaken imprint, Booktrope. Soon to be a motion picture!

Check it out on Amazon

Editor, Horror comedy/satire,

Bucklin 818 Edition

Check it out on Amazon

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